Process Engineers & Equipment Corporation

Technical Services

Process Engineers & Equipment Corporation is proud to provide technical services to our clients. We are committed to providing highly qualified technicians who will make sure your process utilizes the best chemistry and equipment to optimize your process. Rates for services will be negotiated upon contract initialization.

These services include full system audits and process optimization studies. Regularly scheduled quality control sampling and testing will be performed to ensure your process is applying optimal water chemistry and dosage rates. A detailed report will be submitted upon the completion of each round of testing. Our lab capabilities allow us to screen multiple polymers and additives to determine the optimal product specific to your material. We are also able to analyze settling rates, water clarity, residual treatment presence, pH monitoring and control, metal contaminant mitigation and monitoring and any other test that may be specific to your application or process.

Many clients who discharge water are subject to strict discharge requirements by local agencies and municipalities. Process Engineers provides detailed treatability studies to ensure that irregular discharge does not lead to issues with permitting. We can give you the tools to demonstrate your commitment to adhering to compliance regulations.

In addition to process testing, clients will be made aware of the latest instrumentation and automation equipment. Process Engineers will recommend equipment upgrades based on system and regulatory requirements. All system related equipment will be presented and quoted with a payback study where applicable.

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