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We use a pipeline modeling program to accurately predict settling velocities based on the application specific sand gradation. This allows us to properly size the pipe to ensure adequate carrying velocities. These pipeline models allow us to accurately determine the amount of friction head lost in the system so that we can create a system head curve and properly size your water, slurry, or submersible pump.

For larger water pumps we typically use Peerless split case centrifugal pumps, which have a heavy duty dual bearing setup and high pumping efficiencies.    For smaller water pumps we typically use Scot ANSI style. We can also offer multistage vertical turbine pumps, large and small.

Tsurumi offers a wide range of submersible dewatering and slurry pumps with built in agitators, as well as a line of trash pumps.

We are a GIW Pump Distributor for California, Oregon and Washington.  GIW has a complete line of heavy duty slurry pumps, both rubber lined and hard iron options, as well as expeller, glanded, and mechanical seal options. Replacement parts typically have short lead times.  Click here for more information regarding GIW Pumps that we can help you procure.
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