Process Engineers & Equipment Corporation

Hydraulic Mining Equipment

Hydraulic mining is the utilization of water from a monitor to mine sandy material from either a mine wall, or for the transport of loose sand from blasting to a pumping area. 

At Process Engineers & Equipment Corporation, we integrate the controls for the monitor, the primary pump systems, booster stations (as required) and the correct pipe sizing to facilitate this mining method. We find that the slurry pipeline enhances the liberation of clay through vigorous scrubbing, which benefits the wash plant. This mining method uses no loaders or trucks to deliver the sand to the wash plant, thus minimizing labor and yellow iron cost. The water used for this method can be reclaimed from the wash plant water treatment system and re-used in the slurry transport loop.

Benefits for you:

  • Eliminates Yellow Iron (Loaders, Haul Trucks)
  • Capable of handling of 150 -500 tons per hour of sand feed
  • Eliminates Overland Conveyors
  • Significantly Reduces Manpower
  • Reduces mining costs by roughly $2 per ton
  • Increases Scrubbing which leads to lower turbidities
  • Reduces Oversize Waste on Primary Screens
  • Instrumentation to continually monitor the flow and density

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