Process Engineers & Equipment Corporation

Sand Processing and Recovery Systems

Process Engineers and Equipment Corporation designs equipment specifically for your application - let us design a plant to fit your needs. With application data such as feed gradation, desired products, production rates, product storage needs, and waste handling requirements we will provide:

  • Process flow diagram with mass flow and water balance
  • Equipment sizing and motor list
  • Piping and Instrumentation Drawings with valves and instruments
  • Site plan layout
  • MCC/PLC for full automation and control
  • Feeders and load out conveyor systems
  • Water treatment systems
  • Tailings pumping design or dewatering options

Cyclones – Process Engineers provides cyclones manufactured by FLSmidth which come complete with metal housings, rubber liners, cyclo-stack sand dewatering boot and siphon control. The recovered sand is generally blended back into the sand product. The fines overflow is typically fed to a high capacity water clarifier.

Density Separators – Process Engineers provides density separator sand classifiers. Density separators are a very accurate way to classify sand and are able to make a very specific cut to maximize desirable sand products.

Structural – Process Engineers designs and manufactures custom structural supports for cyclone systems. We also design rubber lined manifolds for material splitting to multiple units and bulk material handling hose for conveying sand slurry between pumps and cyclones.

Sand Dewatering Screens - Process Engineers provides sand dewatering screens and primary scalping screens manufactured by Tabor and sized for the application.

Slurry Pumps – Process Engineers represents Georgia Iron Works (GIW) slurry pumps.

Submersible Pumps – Process Engineers offers Tsurumi pumps for this application.

Water Clarifiers - Process Engineers manufactures high capacity water clarifiers which separate fine particle solids (typically passing 200 mesh/74 micron or finer) by adding a treatment polymer to the incoming slurry from a cyclone, screw classifier, sand classifier and/or storm water. The polymer attaches to the solids in the slurry causing them to
clump together and gain enough mass to drop out of solution via gravity. The mud settles to the bottom of the tank and is raked to the center where a thickening cone maximizes slurry density before being pumped out. As the solids settle out, a rising current of clean water is collected in an overflow weir (can be cleaner than 50 NTU depending on application). These systems recycle over 90% of the water in the system for future use. 

Process Engineers and Equipment Corporation has manufactured several of the largest clarifiers in the sand processing industry - up to 100' diameter and 23,000 gpm.

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