Process Engineers & Equipment Corporation

Water Clarifiers

Process Engineers and Equipment Corporation manufactures high capacity water clarifiers which separate fine particle solids (typically passing 200 mesh/74 micron) by adding a treatment polymer to the incoming slurry from a cyclone, screw classifier, sand classifier and/or storm water. The polymer attaches to the solids in the slurry causing them to agglomerate and gain enough mass to drop out of solution via gravity. The mud settles to the bottom of the tank at its terminal density and is raked to the center and then pumped out. As the solids settle out, a rising current of clean water is collected in an overflow weir (can be cleaner than 50 NTU depending on application). These systems recycle over 90% of the water in the system for re-use.

Process Engineers has manufactured several of the largest clarifiers in the sand processing industry - up to 100' diameter and 23,000 gpm.

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