Process Engineers & Equipment Corporation

Chemical Systems

Process Engineers and Equipment Corporation make-down systems are custom designed to each application based on material, projected use and specific project needs. Our dry system is typically used for higher tonnage applications while our wet, emulsion systems are designed for lower tonnage applications. Systems can come pre-plumbed and skid mounted. 

Dry Systems - The dry powder is volumetrically added to an educator via a wetting cone. The automated system has three alarms to prevent spills: a flow switch to ensure adequate water flow through the educator, a bin level sensor to ensure dry product availability for the process and a plug sensor in the wetting cone to prevent spills from plugs.

Emulsion System - Typical applications involve diluting a emulsion from a tote to a specific concentration for injection into a process. The skid mounted system is custom designed to accommodate the mixing and agitation needs of the specific application. 

Automation - Process Engineers offers an Auto-Dose system. It consists of a sensor that monitors the size of flocculated material in the center feedwell of a clarifier. After establishing a set point for optimal flocculation, the process controller sends a speed signal to the dosing pump increasing and decreasing depending on demand to minimize usage. pH and flow related automation are also available.
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